HH accuses Post reporter of bias

Post Newspaper reporter Patson Chilemba sandwiched between Patrotic Front leader Michael Sata and former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi during the PF's last rally in Lusaka in 2008 elections (Photo Courtesy of Picture Monger)

“There is no point using access to the media to go and tell half truths so that the media can beat down Hakainde. After killing Hakainde you realise I was innocent.”

“Patson, don’t be biased you are a reporter. I told you that I am not responding to that matter because if you say that, was I not called an under-five? Didn’t you write it in your paper?” Hichilema asked.

Reminded that that statement was issued before the PF and UPND got into a pact, Hichilema responded: “Don’t be biased please. I have said to you that I am not responding in the newspaper on that matter. We will discus through our normal structure. So don’t drive me into that direction, please, I am pleading with you.

I have given you a clear position…that is where you want to drag me, but I refuse to be dragged there Patson, please. It won’t help you to be biased and use you media to beat down Hakanide.”
Asked on Sata’s statement that he had not gone round the country denouncing him, but he Hichilema had done so, Hichilema responded: “Patson you are driving me to answer my colleague in the media.”
Reminded that the earlier statement he issued about being young was also through the media, Hichilema responded: “Why didn’t you ask me at that time? You were there at the Airport. Your members were there, why didn’t you ask me?

But you see what you are trying to do. Patson, let’s be reasonable to each other. You must listen. You are a media person. You don’t control Hakainde. You must understand that, you must realise that. It is important that you must respect my response to you that I will not deal with that issue in the media…

“You gave me a call, I said on that matter I will not respond in the media because we have established channels to do that. So you are refusing to take that answer so that you can write an answer you want to write.”

But this author told Hichilema that he was just doing his duty of asking questions on behalf of the nation.

In response, Hichilema said: “But you also have a duty to respect Hakainde’s views. Even if you don’t like Hakainde, but you have an obligation to respect Hakainde.”
This author told Hachilema that he respected his views, but should also respect his questioning.

But Hichilema insisted that he might not be liked but that his views should be respected.
This author told Hichilema that The Post did not hate him.

The author tried to clear the air by telling Hichilema that he had simply asked him to respond because his earlier statement was equally carried in the media.
Hichilema responded.

“But because you have a biased position which everybody knows right? And it won’t help you to drag me into that direction so that you can then end up with a conclusion which you already designed,” Hichilema said. “It is not an accusation, I am telling you.”
This author said The Post did not operate like that.

Hichilema responded: “I am saying you, I didn’t say how The Post operates, you.”
This journalist told Hichilema that accusing him of being biased was not part of the story.
This journalist also asked Hichilema if there was anything wrong in being asked questions.

But Hichilema just asked this reporter to take his answer:
“That is why I am answering you. I am answering because I respect your views, but I want you to take my answer,” he said.

Full story here: http://www.postzambia.com/post-read_article.php?articleId=11901

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