Roads in Industrial Area of Lusaka

Roads in Industrial Area of Lusaka

Dear Watchdog

I would like to bring to your attention the appalling state of roads in the Industrial Area of Lusaka. It is really a nightmare and a risk to vehicles to travel on these roads. Especially Mwembeshi Road, Off Lumumba Road in Lusaka (Popularly known as DAR FARMS ROAD.) This road is one of the worst roads in Lusaka and one of the busiest. The road has been so badly neglected that is has huge craters through which vehicles have to pass. All the motorists using this road are frustrated about the neglect by the authorities but no one really knows who to complain to. What is the proper channel of complaining. In fact who to complain to. Is it the responsibility of the Government or the Council or the RDA. Dear Editor for the watchdog, can you please inform us of how to go about to make an official complaint and please also put it on your website so that Lusaka residents can know what to do and the fate of the DAR FARMS ROAD may change. I have attached a few pictures of the DAR FARMS ROAD and Mukatasha Road in the industrial area. Thanks.


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