Shocking: PF is rigging and HH is smiling and calling for calm

It is clear from evidence that the Post Newspaper has published about foreigners registered to vote, the awarding of ballot papers to a questionable Dubai printer and the stupid and arrogant responses by ECZ officials that the PF with the help of ECZ is trying to rig the election.
Clearly, Lungu is getting these ideas from Dictators like Mugabe and Museveni who have no place in modern day democracy and Zambians being touch bearers in democratization in Africa should stand up together and say NO to retrogressive behavior like rigging.
My greatest concern is the softness with which the opposition is handling all the abuses and attempts by Lungu to rig.
UPND arguably the front runner in this race must change its tactic of dealing with PF machinations and deal with them head on and if it requires riots and fights, so be it!!
HH is trying to be a gentleman – a lamb in a den of Lions…He needs to realize NOW, that he is dealing with merciless, debased characters without morals and will stop at nothing to get what they want even if it means killing.
See how they rapped their own PF process to annihilate Miles Sampa, see how they stole the vote in Jan and still you want to handle such mercenaries with kids gloves???
There is evidence that foreigners have been registered to vote in boarder towns, there is evidence that this is clearly with the help of ECZ. The awarding of the ballot printing contract is clearly calculated to rig the elections and these concerns have been raised. Ministers are illegally occupying and using GRZ resources. There is sponsored violence against the opposition by PF and Police. Now Lungu has grounded the helicopters of the opposition.
All these things are being done with impunity and HH is still smiling and calling for calm.
He needs to learn that he may win the election again but never see state house if he continues with this approach.
Chiluba would have won a third term had it not been for a forceful resistance to his manipulations.
The current approach to cry to the world for sympathies when abused by PF will not get HH and UPND anywhere…They should not cheat themselves to focus on the vote and think it is the sure and professional way to statehouse … It WONT work…They are not dealing with decent people…they are dealing with crooks, thugs and cheats and liars…They must deal with ALL irregularities NOW and if it means delaying the elections, so be it!!! This should include removal of partisan ECZ personnel like Akufuna and Priscilla. They are civil servants and clearly they are in breach of their mandate and are working as referees playing with the PF team.
It’s time to send a clear message to Lungu that if he is pushing for lawlessness, he must be met at his game. If he wants to make the country ungovernable, be my guest!! Violence must be met with violence, he does not own the country like Mugabe and so should not be allowed to import such nonsense into Zambia.
Fight NOW and STOP the rot NOW.Election day will be too late.

Concerned Citizen

ZWD COMMENT: We fully agree with the concerns contained in this letter. If HH wants to play by PF rules, let him step aside and let GBM show these PF maggots how to behave properly and lead UPND to victory. You can’t let your rival set the rules and become the spokesperson of your enemy. This is war. It’s not about HH going to state house. Its about saving the country from mediocrity, theft, extremism, tribalism and total collapse of the country. If PF wins, this country is gone.
At the rate things are going, we can see HH winning but Esau Chulu announcing Lungu as winer and HH will hold a press conference to call for calm.

PF thugs are busy bringing down expensive bill boards and instead of maiming  or at least incapacitating these criminals you are busy calling for calm?

Remember what Sata did to Robibie Chizyuka and Sam Zulu when they were trying to be silly?

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