ECZ petitioned to disqualify Lungu for violence, hate speech, abuse of public resources

ECZ petitioned to disqualify Lungu for violence, hate speech, abuse of public resources

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 21.55.30A Kitwe resident has petitioned the Electoral Commission of Zambia to disqualify PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu for flouting the Electoral Code of Conduct.

In a petition submitted to the ECZ on Friday July 22, 2016, Emmanuel Moldon Mbambiko stated that Lungu and his PF have on numerous occasions by their conduct and omissions caused several breaches of of the electoral code of conduct.

Mr Mbambiko who states that he is a member of the UPND complains that the PF and Lungu have repeatedly caused violence against the opposition especially the UPND and that such violence has caused fear and trepidation in him and many other voters such that these voters are unable to freely exercise their right to support the party of their choice.

Mr Mbambiko listed 20 incidences of violence caused by PF and Lungu starting from May 30, 2016 up to 16 July 2016.

Among the incidents of violence is that on June 3, PF cadres attacked the UPND secretariat on the same day Lungu filled his nomination and that on June 4, UPND candidate for Sinda constituency and local government councillors in Sinda ended up in hospital after being beaten by PF cadres.

On June 9, UPND Chawama candidate Portipher Tembo was attacked by PF cadres. On June 11, the son of Magoye UPND candidate was murdered by PF cadres and that on June 13, PF cadres attempted to bring down the helicopter that was carrying UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema. Further, the petitioner complains that on June 16, PF cadres beat up police officers who were assigned to give security to UPND candidate Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba and that on June 17, several UPND members were injured and hospitalised after being attacked by PF cadres while on a door to door campaign in Chawama.

On June 21, the petitioner said, PF cadres ransacked a school owned by Kanyama UPND candidate Samuel Mwale, stole cell phones, lunch boxes and damaged other school property including radios and vehicles.

Mr Mbambiko further complained that on June 24, PF cadres murdered a UNZA student for putting on a UPND Tshirt and that on June 30, UPND candidate for Lusaka central Charlotte Scott and her campaign team were stoned PF cadres.

Mr Bambiko explains in his petition that on July 6, PF cadres murdered a UPND supporter in Kanyama’s Mbasela area after ambushing him as he was returning from door to door campaigns and further that on July 8, PF cadres attacked the UPND secretariat and bayoneted and knifed party supporters and volunteers.

Mr Mbambiko said in his petition that on July 13, PF cadres ambushed Miles Sampa and Major Richard Kachingwe in Nakonde and set up an illegal blockade as the two were driving from village to village conducting campaigns and that on July 14, PF cadres attacked a peaceful UPND campaign meeting in Kapiri Mposhi wounding women and children while on July 16, PF cadres in Solwezi ‘s Kimasala area attacked a UPND member Lukeshi Kalepa leaving him with a fractured skull.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 21.56.07Mr Mbambiko stated that all these attacks were orchestrated by the PF and they have continued up to the day of the petition. Mr Mbambiko is therefore asking the ECZ to disqualify Lungu and the PF from the elections because if the ECZ does not take that measure, the August 11, 2016 elections will not be conducted in a free and fair environment.

Mr Mbambiko further complained that Lungu, his PF and musicians and dancers engaged by the PF have been using public resources including government vehicles and planes and that the PF has been using hate speech during their campaigns. Mr Mbambiko explains that the PF has been defacing and removing campaign posters of the opposition in direct contravention of the Electoral code of conduct.

Mr Mbambiko has further stated that Lungu has been abusing his position as president by among other things directing the police to ‘work’ on the opposition who he said had become ‘stupid’. He said that following Lungu’s orders, the police have been disrupting UPND rallies, radio interviews where UPND members were on the programme and generally applying the public order act against the UPND while using it to protect PF.

Mr Mbambiko explained that even the Law Association of Zambia has issued a statement on the breakdown of law and order in Zambia but the PF has, instead of heeding it, condemned it.Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 21.55.46

It is expected that the ECZ will not take any action since it is aligned to the PF but the Watchdog is reliably informed that the International Criminal Court has started compiling evidence on crimes against humanity in Zambia especially on the citizens that have so far been killed by the PF for merely belonging to the opposition.


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