Lebanon crook robs Zambia of $20M, flees to Aleppo

WALID NAHAAS, the man behind recently signed RTSA contract between the government and Lamise Trading is believed to have bolted out of Zambia.
Walid Nahas is a Lebanese “crook” allegedly robbing the PF government of US$20m. His illegal dealings and activities in Zambia have the full blessings, support and protection from President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s senior advisors at State House, sources close to Mr. Walid Nahas have revealed.

According to sources, Mr. Walid Nahas, who claims to be Lamise Trading Chairman, was married to the daughter to Lamise Chairman, Ali Said Ahmad and came to Zambia in 2012 from Lebanon. He opened Lamise Advertising Company in the same year with great help and support from his father in law, Real Lamise Chairman. Those who know Mr. Walid Nahas both in Lebanon and when he came into Zambia attest to the fact that he was absolute poor person in Lebanon till he got married to Lamise Chairman’s daughter in 2012.

However, Mr. Walid Nahas managed to get connected to authorities in Zambia and managed to get illegal approvals to his company from Lusaka City Council [LCC] with the help of the former LCC mayor Daniel Chisenga whom he used to spent great nights at Andrews Motel together with LCC Director of Legal Services, Michael Moono. Mr. Moono is suspected to have gotten more than US$300,000$ (3M ZMK) from Mr. Walid Nahas in return to his valued services and favours to Lamise Advertising in which he also assisted in the selling of PRIMEDIA twice in December 2014 and Alliance Media after the election in 2016.

Mr. Michael Moono, who is a relative to the Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson, Timothy Moono, is alleged to have arranged all the leases of three (3) years and five (5) years free of charge for Walid Nahas. To date, PRIMEDIA is paying less to advertising fees to LCC for their billboards and Alliance Media is also alleged not paying any ngwee to LCC for the big structures around Roundabouts in Lusaka despite all those structures having clients on them. This means PRIMEDIA and Alliance Media are making money without paying the statutory fees to LCC and besides, Mr Moono also is alleged to have facilitated the leasing out of Town Centre to Lamise Trading for 65 years.

In addition, Mr. Walid Nahas managed to get CCT (Commission Competition Tax Certificate) from ZRA with the help of Mr. Moono who knew the directors there. It is suspected that the CCT director at ZRA was bribed with US$ 20,000$ facilitate Mr Nahas’ acquisition of CCT without entering this transaction into the ZRA system.

Mr. Walid Nahas, with the help of his personal Accountant, Mr. Ahmad Badat falsified the financial statements audited by J. M. Chisanga &Co (Findeco House, 10th Floor). When J M Chisanga Audited the Accounts at Lamise Advertising, The results was a loss for the year of 2013 and this is what LAMISE ADVERTISING showed at ZRA, But when they provided the financial statement for PRIMEDIA SA, The financial statements showed a huge profits.

This huge profits for the year 2013 and 2014 ,Lamise must Pay 35% net profit and 16 %Vat which is approximate value for 3M,$ which is ZMK30m. If taxes added were to be added to transactions in the Lamise illegal sale of Alliance Media, the amount which this Lebanese crook Walid Nahas should pay to ZRA is EQUAL to US$3.5m

Mr. Walid Nahas and his Indian Accountant Ahmad Badat (who owns Al Jameel consultancy) falsified the bank statements for Investrust Bank and Finance Bank Zambia (FBZ). This information can be crossed checked with Investrust Bank and FBZ and also PRIMEDIA Chairman about the bank statements who got it from Lamise Advertising.

Walid Nahas is using a Local Zambian guy named by Mumba Kaminda who was a former Customer Servive at Zesco to open an outdoor Advertising company under his name but the actual rights and financial support for and from Walid Nahas. Mr. Kaminda is allegedly is using the PF General Secretary, Mayor of Lusaka, Amos Chanda,and now LCC Director of Engineering MALIWA MUCHUU to cover his illegal activities by mounting more than 1,000 illegal billboards in Zambia.

LCC charges a small penalty of ZMK800, 000 for Axxez but he is refusing to pay to the Council regardless and he is being believed to be rude to LCC directors.
Walid Nahas is trying to sell AXXEZ to any South African investor who deals in outdoor Advertising under MUMBA Kaminda name and for this; they are changing the cheap billboards that they had it for one year so far.

“We don’t know why LCC is refusing to remove his billboards and instead of putting Mumba Kaminda in jail because he occupied Council sites illegally, they gave him approvals for some sites and he is keep mounting illegally in all Zambia,” complained one source. “We want our Zambian people to know that Alliance Media is offering Arcades Roundabout for ZMK280, 000 per month while LCC gave Lamise Advertising a lease of 7 years with 3 years for free. Yet this Council wants to impose airtime levy tax on the poor Zambians.

There is need for the LCC terminate all lease agreements with Lamise Advertising their mounting of their billboards are death-trap to many motorists. Some traffic accidents that have killed some people on Addis-Ababa, Kafue and Great East roads are as a result of these billboards mounted in the middle of these roads due to their obstruction to the motorists.

In 2015 RTSA had removed those billboards along Great East Rd but Walid Nahas is alleged to have paid about US$80,000 to Mulenga Sata to help him keep those billboards otherwise Mulenga would have lost the deal with PRIMEDIA. Mulenga is said to have allegedly helped Walid Nahass to keep those billboards and LCC Director of Legal Services then, Michael Moono sent an official apologize from LCC to PRIMEDIA signed by himself without informing the Town Clerk.

This is a straight forward case for the ACC but ACC has been sluggish on the case and failing to act because the ACC spokesperson Mr Timothy Moono is a relative to Michael Moono the former Director of Legal Services at LCC. Currently, Mr. Michael Moono is at Kitwe City Council and the same habit continues with the protection from the President Advisors.

Recently, Walid Nahas brought in Kapsch Traffic Com to Zambia and has promised State House Advisors to share with them US$10m. Unfortunately, after the State House has facilitated his company to get the contract from RTSA, he is believed to have ran away without paying these Advisors till now. He is said to have left his family in Zambia and went to Lebanon to enjoy the money.

This is a man who came into Zambia absolutely poor but goes back a millionaire. Mr. Walid Nahas, puts his phone on loud when he talks to State House Press Aide, Amos Chanda, Lusaka Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa, Ministers etal to show-off to his friends, family, public that he is connected to the powers that be and that he is also powerful.

Mr Walid Nahas tried to become a United Arab Emirate (UAE) diplomat/Honorary Consul in Zambia. But when the Zambia Authorities tried to investigate who he was and about him, he allegedly tried to bribe them by telling them how much they wanted to write the report without investigating? ACC can investigate also and there are 100% possibilities of them getting the right information on this man.

Besides, he has been telling many ministers that President Edgar Lungu is “in his hand” and one wonders how the president can be in this crook hands? Mr. Walid Nahas’ evil activities and involvement in bribes is because he is scared because he falsified legal documents to get approval and to become a diplomat.

Mr. Walid Nahas abused and spoiled his father in law name, the Lamise Chairman to cheat and to achieve his dirty goals. He calls himself Sheikh to DECEIVE his origins as one from one of the gulf countries but in fact he belongs to one of the poorest district in Beirut like some of the poor suburbs in Lusaka.

Besides, Walid Nahas named himself a Chairman of Lamise Trading, a company has no employees. So, he is a chairman on himself. LAMISE has one Chairman who is Ali Said Ahmad, Walid Nahas father in law.

In 2013 shreeji Investment took Lamise Advertising to court over Lamise billboards which were blocking shreeji billboards on street poles. Shreeji BILLBOARDS were legal and approved by the LCC some time ago before Mr. Walid Nahas came into Zambia but at the Court, the judge who was suspected to have been bribed by Lamise allowed Lamise to continue with the putting of those billboards and the case was closed.

The challenge to ACC is to open this case and without doubt, State House advisors will not be found innocent and clean as President Lungu is made to the public believe. Let PF government reject the RTSA deal and terminate all these lease agreements with Lamise Trading and Kapsch for the following reasons;

1. Currently, Lamise has imported goods worth more than US$15million housed in their various warehouses without paying the correct customs and other taxes to government. So if Lamise will be allowed to control the borders and become so powerful in Zambia through the RTSA contract, the company will start clearing the goods according to their dirty games.
2. Mr. Walid Nahas, “the crook” said he will boost the economy by providing 500 jobs, this shows that he is a liar because 500 jobs can’t boost the economy in any country even in Lebanon which has a population of about 4million and can he boost the Zambian economy with a population about 16M.
3. Can Kapsch and Lamise explain how government and them will earn 200m revenues from the RTSA contract? if the project is so important, why didn’t government take it instead of wanting to use private sector?
4. The 200m euro means more expenses for big corporates who have fleet of trucks, employees cars, etc….
5. The costs of running a vehicle in Zambia due to hiked taxes such as road tax, fitness certificate will increase between 100 to 300% which means more expenses on Corporates who have factories may lead to loss of more jobs for many Zambian employees as these corporates would want to reduce the cost and the expenses;
6. if Lamise cares for the Zambians safety, it would have first want to reduce the accidents in Zambia by removing “illegal” billboards which block motorists’ vision along major roads in Lusaka which has killed many Zambians’ lives through car accidents;
7. There is need for those injured as a result of Billboard erection by Lamise along those roads to take them to court and claim decent compensation from Lamise and LCC
To this end, DEC and ACC should investigate properly and stop these criminals from looting the country. There is also need to report them to international Association of Anti-corruption authorities.

The mayor of Lusaka is also protecting AXXEZ who he has facilitated for the rights to erect billboards. The current LCC Director of Engineering also has facilitated the awarding of free sites to Grand Media, which belong to Walid Nahas, for bus shelters. Mr. Walid Nahas is also suspected to have bribed FNB branch Manager in Makeni to issue a visa card under his employee’s name without the employee knowing which an act of money laundering is. Mr. Walid Nahas is depositing huge sums of money in Zambia and with draw the money in Belgium.

Another Walid Nahas’ scandal rich activity is when Samsung Zambia refused to work with him in (MOBILE). Suddenly we found illegal billboards adverts on smart phones like ITEL, TECNO, and TIGMO ETC…. all those phones were advertised on illegal billboards with Axxez and Grand Media. The surprise is that LCC didn’t remove those illegal billboards along Cairo rd, ChaChaCha Rd and all Itel billboards are illegally mounted too. It is important that authorities investigate who Mohamad Fahker Eedine is who is a partner in TIGMO. The scant information is that he is Lebanese who is not living in Zambia and he is a partner in TIGMO. It is believed that Mr. Walid Nahas is using his name to cover his dirties. Mr. Walid Nahas is been using ZAMBIAN, CHINESE, INDIANS to cover all his illegal activities in Zambia.

Note: The writer is a close associate to Walid Nahas who is unhappy with his illegal dealings


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