A big hole in carousel Shopping Centre car park

A big hole in carousel Shopping Centre car park

A big hole in the Carousel Shopping Centre car park.


Letter by Mthoniswa Banda


Dear Editor,

LUSAKA 10/12/2019 – This morning my car fell into a ditch in the car park of Carousel Shopping Centre. There is a 1m by 1 m square hole cut right in the middle of the car park which has no warning tapes or markings that show the presence of this hole. When two cars are parked on both sides of the hole it is difficult for one to know that the available car park space has a hole on it.

Unfortunately for me my front left wheel of my car went into this ditch.

When I approached centre management office who are Lamasat Investment, the owners and managers of the Carousel Shopping Centre, to inform them of what had happened to me at the car park I was met by a very rude and un concerned manager. He told me it was not his concern that my car had fallen into a ditch and even if it was damaged I needed to sort that on my own. He said that it was my responsibility to make sure that I checked where I parked, even within his Shopping Centre. He even said if a person was injured within Carousel Shopping Centre as a result of their negligence it was not their responsibility to take care of the situation as every person visiting Carousel buildings was old enough to take care of themselves.

This is sad thinking for a company managing a public place like a mall where hundreds of clients, men, women and children frequent.

My appeal to the Lusaka City Council and Government is to inspect some of these business premises that have no sense corporate responsibility on the Zambians they serve.

Most of these business premises have little or no social amenities for their clients and general public frequenting them.  They also have no security to protect and secure their clients and their property.

Government should also review the safety measures being placed on these premises and ensure that these un caring owners are forced to insure against damage to clients and property while on their premises.

If the rude and unconcerned attitude of management of Lamasat Investment is anything to go by, one wonders how their employees are treated and whether they would even be concerned with a death of an employee or customer happening on their premises.



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