A black golden jubilee – mother of all lies

By Mainda Simataa

There is something dead in a population that celebrates 50 years of poverty and deceit with a smile, shamelessly calling it golden.


Truth calls for brevity and sacrifice, but we understand, for some, like our friends who work for the state owned propaganda machines (including private sell-outs like the past newspaper), its a dilemma, its a war of conscience, its a celebration at gun point.
You got to jump when they say jump, march to the drums they beat, dance to the songs they sing and, write the lies they preach.
But there is no justification whatsoever for lying to the people about a lie so big, an event that warrants mourning more than gloating.
Sooner or later, one has to side with the people, a sacrifice majority of chicken Zambians are unwilling to make.

THE GOLDEN JUBILEE IS A BIG BLACK FAT LIE…by fat cats for fat cats.

Look at this. When queen Elizabeth celebrated her golden Jubilee, 50 years at the British helm, she had a stellar & prosperous nation of well fed, housed, educated and employed people (many of them Zambians in diaspora) to vouch for her.

Then look at this: when Lusaka celebrated her centenary, 100 years of retrogression, filth, stagnation, dilapidation, trepidation, streets strewn with fermenting garbage and filled with the stench of blocked100 year old sewer pipes, streets turned into urinals, chaos,
congestion and commotion, is what we had to show for it. Yet, against all common sense, this merited celebration by our civic leaders. There is something wrong with black leaders.

Now the Zambian golden Jubilee is upon us, and for all the political brouhaha and corporate kerfuffle accompanying it, it is just another black man’s warped idea of a golden jubilee.

Zambia has never known a golden age, not even a copper age. But we have seen more than our fair share of abject poverty, betrayal and deceit in the name of patriotism.


This coming October is the worst October, if we are honest people, we should all wear black as a sign of bereavement and make a funeral procession stretching from Cairo to state house, in bereavement for a nation that once showed great promise, but has so far achieved
nothing. This coming October should, from that day going forward, be remembered as BLACK OCTOBER, a very dark and miserable day in the history of our copper stoned nation.

There is no Jubilee without jobs for all, no jubilee without joy for all, no jubilee without justice for all, only hope for the future.


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