A Fool’s Paradise: Sata’s Hypocrisy and the ‘Secret’ Pay Rise at midnight

Before former president Rupiah Banda vetoed an emolument bill, then as Acting President, which sought to increase salaries for constitutional holders, Sata and The Post went to town condemning the former Republican leader. They used whatever means at their disposal to not only discredit but went to the extent of demonstrating the perceived “evil” in Rupiah whose only interest, they claimed, was self-serving.

Hand-in-hand, they mounted a massive campaign to demonstrate to the Zambian people what an apparent monster Rupiah had become.
On September 20, 2008, Sata accused Rupiah of not being sincere over the emoluments bill.

Through an article published in The Post written by Patson Chilemba (now first press secretary South Africa) and Lambwe Kachali (now first secretary in Belgium), Sata declared Rupiah a leader in “a fool’s paradise.”

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