A government that does not care about its future


It’s really devastating to have a government that shows no interest in building the youth’s future by securing and upholding tertiary education. I mean, it’s evident enough for me to put up this kind of conclusion. First of all let’s take the CBU’s ‘indefinite closure’ just a few months ago, surely if our government was the kind that is committed to youth empowerment through education, am certain things would have been sorted in a matter of days. Infact, The President would have just given a directive to sideline The Vice Chancellor and appoint someone to act in his place, then have the University opened. Maybe Mr Lungu has no such power.

Secondly and most important, the issue with our Highest Learning Institution, THE UNIVERSITY OF ZAMBIA. It is now close to four months since the lecturers made a demand to the government, which I am sure is supportive enough to do so, and as if no one in the government has heard about, nothing has been done yet, even to the extent that even The School Of Medicine has been implicated. Now let’s look at what our government is concerned about, yesterday I was reading the Times Of Zambia, and the only story that caught my eyes was titled “All set for Lubanseshi, Solwezi West by-elections”.

Honestly, I have no notion of how much money the government spends on these useless ever-occurring by-elections. And within the last four months, I have heard about 10 of these money-wasting events. Now, if surely Mr Lungu and his government really cared about “US”, surely wouldn’t they’ve managed to give ‘smithereens’ to a small number of the University Lecturers? We only hear of him traveling around the country to drum up support for his candidates, and basically ignite false hope in the poor people of Zambia, and I again don’t know how much he spends while doing so. Am sure he doesn’t even care about our future as the youths of this nation because he still goes out of the country to source for money for his campaigns for 2016 General Elections. And to you the voters, because I am not a voter and don’t even wish to register, when next year comes you will be shouting ‘IFINTU NI LUNGU’ or better yet his new slogan, when you’ve seen what mess the PF government has become. My appeal to the President, Mr Lungu is to please look to it that we as students don’t have to suffer because of your luck of vision for the youth of Zambia, make sure you sort out all issues before they affect “US”, after all, we are not a ‘threat’ to you or your political offices, we’re just intellectuals who really care about the people’s health and are committed to serving lives. We don’t do political science at Ridgeway! So you and Mr Kambwili don’t need to fear that when we graduate we will be a potential threat like Mr Hichilema. PAY OUR LECTURERS AND LET THE UNIVERSITY OF ZAMBIA OPEN.

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