A little corruption is okay – president Sata

A little corruption is okay – president Sata

According to Sata, this 'little' corruption is OK

President Michael Sata today allowed ‘a little’ corruption to flourish in the country.

Speaking at the joint signing ceremony between Zambia and Zimbabwe for the hosting of the forth-coming World Tourism Organisation Assembly in 2013, Sata instructed Tourism and Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda, to allow tourists apply for visas in the country as opposed to foreign missions even if the move allowed corruption.

“Let’s look at issues to do with visas. We should allow tourists to come and find immigration here and apply for visas even there is a ‘little’ corruption. So what?”

The president said amidst laughter from members of the audience during the event on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border that was broadcast live on both Zambia and Zimbabwe national television stations.

The signing ceremony  between President Sata and his hero President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was witnessed by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General, Taleb Rifai.

Last weekend, Sata’s ceremonial Vice-President, Guy Scott, was caught corrupting voters in Livingstone at a plot that was bought by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema some four years ago to set up Tandabale Market.

Scott justified the corruption in the constituency where there will be a bye-election saying the nominations had not yet taken place.

But the same Scott, said his office could not make maize distribution in the same constituency because of the forth-coming bye-election.

The PF government has also single-sourced The Post Newspaper to print the draft constitution.

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