A luta continua, says GBM

UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says the act to arrest him and other opposition leaders is a desperate attempt by President Edgar Lungu to hold on to power which has already slipped through his hand because Zambians have already resolved to remove the Patriotic Front Government out of power.

Speaking to Journalists at the UPND Secretariat shortly after he was released on court bail, Mr Mwamba charged that President Lungu’s act amounts to persecution and that not even late President Michael Sata would do what Lungu has done to him.

“If President Lungu thinks he has too much power, he must wait and see. He has just started a battle and I want to remind Edgar Lungu that now I will go for your throat”, bragged Mr, Mwamba.

He further reiterated that the act to arrest him was meant to intimidate the opposition and charged that PF would not succeed because Zambians have already decided to vote out President Lungu on the 11th August this year.

Speaking at the same occasion, UPND Vice President for Politics, Canicius Banda thanked UPND supporters for showing solidarity for Mr Mwamba and encouraged them to fight on until the Patriotic Front is voted out.

And UPND President Hakainde Hichilema described President Lungu as a failed Leader who is scheming to frustrate the opposition so as to have a reason for declaring the state of emergency in order to avoid elections.

Mr Hichilema said elections are unavoidable and that UPND will win elections just in the first round and there shall be no re-run which the PF are craving for.

He also called on Zambians across the country to remain united and ensure that they vote out the PF for failing to run the economy and subjecting them to untold misery and suffering.

He said unlike the PF, UPND will not persecute innocent Zambians but will provide food security, jobs and free education, come August 11th this year.

He also thanked the Party members for uniting behind GBM for a common purpose.


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