A Zombie in State House?

Fr. Frank Bwalya, the man of God who in quite bizarre circumstances cut a chicken’s head off at a Patriotic Front, PF, rally in the run-up to the September 2011 elections has really gotten his voice back.

Since resigning as board chairman of the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation, ZESCO, Fr. Bwalya has made himself available to several media houses in Zambia and abroad on his way forward. But his availability on Radio Pheonix’s “Let the people talk” on Friday May 3, 2013 may have sent some chills in some people’s spines when he said, “President Michael Sata died a long time ago, we buried him a long time ago and he is in Heaven.” He emphasised, “That is not the Sata we put in State House.” Listening to these particular words over and over again makes one suspect that this controversial Roman Catholic priest may be privy to what the rest of Zambia and the world at large do not know. What did Fr. Bwalya mean by all this as surely this was not careless talk at all?

Ever since the PF, which he supported all this while, assumed the reigns of power on September 23, 2011 there has been some serious talk about all sorts of evil doings and connections pointing to satanism and the occult in the top leadership of the ruling party. Some comments on one social network accuse the PF of all sorts of evil things from road traffic accidents not being normal to gruesome murders of people being sacrifices. Now assuming these accusations were true could it also be true that if President Michael Sata died a long time ago then the one in State House is a zombie?  Is it what Fr. Bwalya is so confidently communicating to us? When he says President Sata is being held hostage by a clique does he actually confirm that our president is a zombie as his earthly being is no more?

This Catholic priest must explain what he knows about the occult especo we ially that we are told that various secret societies exist right in our midst and that it is not just about the witchcraft we know about in Zambia. We are told of how people have testified of belonging to the underworld and selling their lives to a somewhat higher authority to achieve wealth, glory or power for a short while. Fr. Bwalya must also explain the gruesome act of killing a chicken in full view of a multitude of people and sprinkling its blood all over, an act widely condemned then and continues to be condemned today.

What is good however is that Fr. Bwalya has finally woken up to the truth and God has opened his eyes to the deceit of Mr. Sata as a person and the PF as a party. But do we have a zombie in State House?

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