Abandoning K345m maize scandal by ACC is state capture – Chishimba

Abandoning K345m maize scandal by ACC is state capture – Chishimba

Lungu with Chaponda after clinching the maize deal

We, in the United Progressive People (UPP), sympthasise with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) whose independence, professionalism and integrity have been soiled and impeded by the State House controlled infamous and most nauseous corruption industry.

The recent announcement by the ACC that the K345 million Zambia-Malawi maize exportation saga has been closed is a bitter pill that investigators at the ACC have been forced to shallow by the PF-MMD regime against their consciences.

The ACC investigators know too well that the maizegate deal was corruptly sealed at State House and this being the case, the hands of officers are tied.

The people of Zambia should remember that State House is on record to have launched the maizegate denial including lying to the nation that President Peter Mutharika of Malawi met with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Ethiopia and informed him that the Malawian Government had finished the investigations and established that there was no corruption.

The failed media campaign by State House chief officers is a clear indication that there is no honour in corruption. The level of shameful conduct by Presidential handlers is worrisome and must be condemned by all Zambians. The transformation of State House into the centre for the award of public tenders and corruption has destroyed the dignity of Office of President.

The arrest of Dr. George Chaponda today who openly dealt with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Dora Siliya, the Minister of Agriculture speaks for itself. Likewise, the forgery charge against Dr. Chaponda’s co-accused, Grace Mhango, is a confirmation of what UPP has always revealed.

The forgery and backdating of contracts were jointly done with officials on the Zambian side.

Government officials here in Zambia dubiously awarded the contract to Transglobe of Malawi and they backdated the same contract, under the same letter of agreement, which was clearly issued in favour of the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF).

The evidence speaks for itself that the Government of Malawi had a legal relationship with ZCF through the Zambian company and not with Transglobe.

UPP is fully aware that the Malawian Government is in the process of shipping back 10, 000 MT of maize on account of fraud and the clear case of corruptly inflating the price by the Zambian Government whose officials sealed the deal with grain mafias.

The notion that the Zambian Government merely facilitated the issuance of the exportation permit is absolute nonsense predominantly because it was the Zambian Government that corruptly gave the backdated and forged contract to Transglobe.

The Government of Malawi refused to deal with Transglobe and there is no contract between the Government of Malawi and Transglobe. Corruption took place on the Zambian soil and the two people who have been arrested in Malawi committed the offenses in collusion with Zambian Government officials.

We in the UPP shall prosecute this case no matter how long it takes. We are also considering obtaining warrants of arrest against Dora Siliya among others on the list of suspected corrupt elements.

The corruption of the agriculture industry has caused the cost of food to continue to increase in Zambia.

There are various cartels that work with senior government officials to do price fixing. This is a very serious economic crime and it’s the poor farmers of Zambia who continue to lose.

The Zambian State has clearly been captured by the corrupt few at the top.

UPP will soon be holding a news conference to specifically address the issue of State capture by the infamous corruption industry which the PF regime has used to kill businesses. Genuine businesses can no longer get public contracts. The corruption of the PF-MMD regime has been aided by the bogus Chinese contractors.

The future UPP Government, God willing, will create the farmer-led National Crop and Livestock Marketing Authority (NCLMA), which will be responsible for local and international markets for the produce. Every county (district) will be represented on the NCLMA. This way, farmers will get the benefits of the lucrative international markets from which the corrupt few PF-MMD officials are benefiting.

All the bogus Chinese contractors will not only be prosecuted, but also deported from Zambia. This shall include the termination of the Illegal China Hainan Luburma Market 65 year lease. The market shall be handed over to the market committee of Zambians.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba
UPP president

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