Abash Police Brutality on Female students in universities

“They(Policemen) made sure they broke down doors of as many rooms that they could and before sending us out of the rooms, they made sure to slap us first”- female Copperbelt University student

According to an online survey, only one percent or less of female students engage in riotous behaviour in Universities. This would leave one wondering why innocent female students are being treated as criminals by the police force during riots? This is a violation of human rights in all forms and should not be condoned in what we call a democratic country. There is an inextricable link between democracy and human rights. Therefore, a democratic country like Zambia, must protect and promote girl’s and women’s human rights at all costs. Where is justice in breaking doors and brutally beating up innocent female students? Is it not the same police force that is arresting men for Gender Based Violence? Oh! How we forget so easily!

Violence against female students is a major obstacle to equality, development and peace. Some aspiring female students fear to attain higher education from institutions such as the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University due the violence, this automatically deprives girls of studying programmes such as engineering, medicine and other limited programmes. In the long run, Zambia’s development is affected negatively.

The negative impact of police brutality on female students should not be underestimated. Police brutality causes irreparable harm to its victims. The abuse may be physical or psychological, and the victims can feel the effects of this abuse for a lifetime. The government must ensure the protection of innocent female student’s human rights. The world is fighting for women, women play a vital role in the economic, political and social development of a country. LET US BUILD A ZAMBIA THAT WE WANT TO SEE! ABASH POLICE BRUTALITY ON FEMALE STUDENTS!

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