Abnormal Load-shedding in Avondale, Lusaka

Dear Editor,

Please put this on your wall to help us air our grievances. We write with great disgust from Avondale and surrounding areas in Lusaka, where Zesco exercises load shedding for about 14 hours everyday. Power is cut off twice everyday, from 00.00hrs to 06.00hrs and again from 14.00hrs to 22.00hrs. Sometimes power is cut off unexpectedly. As I write to you now, power was cut off at 23.30hrs last night, and it has not yet been restored (10.00hrs). Things are rotting in fridges. When we call Zesco for follow up, they put us on hold for over 5 minutes, advertising themselves using our airtime. Can the energy minister or the Zesco MD advise residents of Avondale and surrounding areas on the reasons why our area is technically cut off from power supply. We can no longer call it load-shedding. To make matters worse, we do not even know where to find our area MP, Nkandu Luo….we only see her on TV, and she’s never visited her constituency since she became MP. We are tired of this inefficiency.


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