‘About 700 to lose jobs at Chambishi’

Dear editor,
Allow me space to air my frustration and absolute disappointment in the manner that government has continued to tolerate the ill conducts of investors in the mining sector.

Jobs for over 700 employees at Chambishi Metals plc on the copperbelt will be lost this April as management intends to close the production of cobalt metal which the company has produced since it was established. Management say that they can no longer access concentrate from Congo and so they don’t have feed. This leaves me wondering how the company can not have feed while there are many mines in Zambia mining the needed concentrate to produce cobalt.

It breaks our hearts to see these unjust acts happening when we even have a government whose intervention can only help stop this catastrophe set to be fall workers at chambishi metals.

Please mr editor, my I use this media to reach out to the powers that be especially those saving in government who still have the interest of citizens at heart to hear the cry of the people and step in to stop this devastating encounter.

Concerned Worker @ Chambishi Metals

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