Absentee landlord Sata misses all key UN sessions

Absentee landlord Sata misses all key UN sessions

President Michael Sata has so far missed all key United Nations General Assembly sessions currently going on in the New York city of the United States of America. Last night he failed to address the UN General Assembly and was not even in the Assembly hall.

Travelling with a delegation of close to 40 people, Sata last night (Wednesday evening) failed to address the UN General Assembly despite being allocated a slot as the next speaker after Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro.

The UN moderators were forced to skip Sata’s slot after he failed to show up following some moment of waiting and just called UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

So far, Sata has been delegating his ministers such as Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba to make presentations for him, as was the case on the UN climate change session.

Sata’s whereabouts in New York are not known, but at least going by Fred Mmembe’s transcripts of Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s home chat over the bottle of wine, he (Sata) is confirmed a sick person, despite the previous denials by several PF government leaders.

But having managed to travel that far with such an expensive and large delegation, Sata would surely have done Zambians pride by addressing the UN general Assembly because speeches there are very short compared to the ceremonial opening of parliament speech which he failed to finish last Friday.

With his failure to appear at any of the sessions, it is not clear why Zambia would spend millions of dollars on Sata’s trip carrying more medical personal while farmers in Chavuma and various parts of the country are rioting over non payment of their agriculture produce due to lack of money.

But at least going by Mmembe’s transcript, we now know Chikwanda actually hates such wasteful expenditure at the expense of national development.



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