Absentee PF Kanyama MP says police are harbouring criminals

Kanyama constituency MP Colonel Gerry Chanda says police in his constituency are working with criminals to perpetuate crime in the area, and has recommended for their replacement.

Speaking during a meeting in the constituency after the electorate petitioned him to come and address the security challenges in the area, Colonel Chanda who is also Muchinga province minister accused the police of demanding for money from members of the public whenever there is a complaint. Colonel Chanda singled out Linda police post where he said he has written to the police command to have all the policemen replaced because the ones there have overstayed and are harboring criminals.

Recently there has been a spate of robberies that have rocked the area and residents called for Colonel Chanda to come to their aid. The residents accused the MP of not paying attention to security and many other challenges in the area.

But in reaction to Colonel Chanda, police and other sources have accused the MP of blaming his inefficiency on the police. According to the police source, the cause of crime in the area was increased poverty and unemployment levels which the PF government has failed to solve.

The source refuted the MP’s statement that police were harbouring criminals, saying some of the criminals who have invaded the area come from areas outside the constituency.

After winning the 2011 elections, Colonel Chanda has rarely been visiting the constituency to address the needs of the electorate, forcing them to summon him for a meeting on Sunday.

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