Abuse at Zampost

Whoever sent the earlier article about “Abuse of Office at Zampost” was very right, except they left out a lot of other abuses.

The current PMG is the worst Zampost has had in the recent past. He is very deceiving. He has managed to deceive the outside world that things are well at Zampost. He has created an impression that Zampost is far much better now than ever before. The truth is the opposite. Zampost is worse under McPherson Chanda. We say so because he has over employed in both management and non-management positions. Zampost no longer has a structure. He even says “I will continue employing as long as the PF officials and ministers keep asking me to employ their children and relatives”. He has employed PF cadres ranging from office orderlies to managers. And these people he has brought do not even know how to work, they are just arrogant. He has also employed a lot of his personal friends and relatives without any job adverts and let alone interviews. Some are David Chanda – Blood young brother, Bertha Chanda – Blood young sister, Dan Chabala – Long time personal friend, Sunday Chanda’s wife (Sunday is his blood brother), Patson Phiri – Long time personal friend, An old man in HR who was his shibukombe when he was marrying, Vivien Mithi – girlfriend and daughter to former Mufulira DC, Bwalya (IT Office) – long time old friend, etc.

He is asking Zampost employees to sacrifice when he doesn’t do so himself. 2 months ago he sent his official vehicle to Toyota Zambia to undergo a full rehab so that at the end of his current contract he will buy an almost new car at book value. This is a car which is less than 3 years old. While this car was away he hired another car for about 1 month at a cost of K47,000. This was despite having another new Zampost hilux at home.

He draws a salary which is 5 times more than the second highest paid. He doesn’t stay in the office. He is ripping out Zampost by creating unnecessary trips claiming huge trip allowances. When he goes to Lusaka, Zampost pays for his accommodation at Pamodzi despite getting allowances for accommodation.

He is also ripping from Zampost by using a swift cash system from his personal friends who once gave him a job when he was out of employment. Under this system the commission from swift cash is shared between Zampost and his friends who in turn give him part of the money. This system has come at a very high cost yet Zampost bought a robust system for money transfer under the former management.

Zampost owes a lot of suppliers and retirees huge amounts but he has made the outside world believe that all is well and the company is growing and doing well. We still have not been paid our August salaries. Salaries are now paid in batches which never used to happen before McPherson came. We all used to be paid by 21 of each month. We now go as far as 10th of the next month before we get paid. His huge salary is always paid on time because every month finance starts by sending salaries to his bank before paying anyone else.

He is a fake Christian who gets to hate anyone who tries to advise him and sends these people to work in very remote areas just to punish them. He has become very proud and doesn’t take advice from anyone including his directors.

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