Abuse of meagre resources by Senga Hills council directors

Ba Watchdog can you publish the abuse at Senga Hill Town Council where a simple Director of Works who is at LGSS 5 is being picked from Mbala where he resides to Mambwe Mission which is 78Km.

The Driver is driving from Mambwe Mission in the morning pick up this Crooked Director back to Mambwe and taking him back to Mbala and back to Mambwe. that is 78km by 4 in a day. A resolution was made that everyone should be in Mambwe, this boastful Director of works called Frank Mangena has refused to move and now the incompetent Council Secretary has authorized this abuse of public resources. The man by the name of Greyson Sakala is too weak to run an institution.

The poor treasurer has now been hiding in the name of being sick because he has been stopping other workers from using council vehicle for their private things. He seem to not know what to do with this high level of abuse.Kindly ba watchdog help the council from this abuse.

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