Abuse of office and bad condition of service at Esco

Mr. M. C. Sata, the PF government of the nation and other organizations who are partners in alleviating poverty in this country Zambia. We have no platform form to air our views.

Nonetheless, as ESCO employees, we bring to light something we believe has not reached you concerning some illegal activities in ESCO which is an agency for Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication.
1.      On 28th January, 2010 Choice Corporate, an organization run by one of the board member (a lady by the name of Muwowo) who always supports the Managing Director whenever there is a board meeting to all his proposals and activities was paid by cheque amounting to K19, 720,000.00 (KR19, 720.00) Zanaco (Business Centre) cheque No: 013561 just for making salary structure which are slave wages except a few individuals, and the salary grades are irregular, they have been promising to work on them since 2011.
2.      On 14th April, 2010 Choice Corporate was paid by Zanaco(Business Centre) cheque K15, 950,000.00(KR15, 950.00) cheque No: 013768 for conducting interviews.
3.      On 13th May, 2010 ESCO Managing Director (Mr. Robby Ngulube) and Choice Corporate (Miss. Muwowo) travelled to China. The cabinet authority gave them 6 nights to travel to China, but they got 9 nights against the cabinet authority amounting to K36,162,000.00 (KR36,162.00) Zanaco (Business Centre)cheque No:013872.
4.      On 27th April, 2011 Choice Corporate was paid by cheque K18, 307,000.00 (KR18, 307.00) Zanaco Business Centre) cheque No: 014732 for formulating the contract forms.
5.      On 28th July, 2011 the Managing Director got fuel money against the ESCO rules and regulations by cheque K20,000,000.00(KR20,000.00) Zanaco (Business Centre)cheque No: 014978.
6.      On 3th August, 2012 Choice Corporate was paid by cheque K37, 700,000.00 (KR37, 700.00) Zanaco (Business Centre) cheque No: 016068 just for job description work.
7.      Those vehicles which are not runners draw fuels on paper while in these fuel moneys are converted into cash dubiously by the managing director.
8.       In 2011, the Zambian government implemented 15% salary increment. ESCO implemented 4% only and promised through a memo which was written that the following year 2012 ESCO will implement the remaining 11% of which they never did that up to date, whenever we raise the issue, we are threatened to be dismissed.
9.      Kalongwa pontoon has been used by someone without any terms agreed on. ESCO has not received any coin and it’s believed that only the managing director of ESCO and unknown individuals benefited instead of the company or the Zambian government.
10.  Rock shield engines supplied by Hydro master are bought dubiously at exorbitant price of K800, 000,000.00 (KR800, 000.00) while the same engines are sold at K400, 000,000.00 (KR400, 000.00) by Hazdah where the ESCO (managing director) refused to buy from them. In this transaction the ESCO managing director personally obtained the quotations and facilitated in the buying of these engines. Just before, during and after this transaction, one of the employees of Hydro master who is believed to be a secretary was always seen frequenting only the office of the managing director facilitating this transaction.
11.  Some operational sites and the workshop are manned by unqualified personnel who are having no academic and professional qualifications but have senior positions.
12.   The human resource managers have come and left because they are been threatened and discovering these slave wages and condition of employment.
13.  We only get KR350.00 as an allowance for lodging, meals and other logistics per day when you are sent on a trip to work outside our working station for stipulated days which are done basing on the relationship one has with those in top management. If you are to come and get statistics at the workshop you can prove this issue because only the same faces go always.
14.  Personnel are constantly threatened to terminate their contracts whenever they complain. In all strategic position he has put his family tree for having dominionship.
15.  There are no middle persons or union to speak on our behalf, the condition of service has not been revised since 2010 and other allowances that are in the slavery condition of service are not applied.
16.  The managing director has threatened the ESCO employees to issue any statement to any outside for fear of been exposed.
17.  No over time allowance is paid either you have worked over the weekend or public holidays in all pontoon areas.
18.  Pontoon operation stations work throughout from 06:00 to 18:00 hours every day, weekends and public holidays without any allowance or extra days been compensated for in any way possible. If you want to be off duty, you need to cheat your supervisor that your child, wife or parents that are sick.
19.  When an employee is assigned any extra duties over and above his normal duties, a responsibility allowance of 20% of the incumbent’s basic salary has to be paid together with the monthly salary. The calculation will be pro-rated to the number of days assigned extra duties. Despite this which was formulated by themselves, they do not pay employees those they have given extra duties.
20.  On public holidays, the company state that it shall observe all public holidays gazetted by the government of the Republic of Zambia, however, pontoon/essential workers will be expected to perform their duties. Now it does not state either they will be paid overtime, extra duties allowance or the extra days will be compensated. It has just gone like that. Employees have worked without any payment or compensation.
However, as ESCO workers who are concerned with the PF government efforts to alleviate poverty and more money in the our pockets, we are requesting your intervention from His Excellency the president Mr. M.C. Sata, the investigating wings, the labour office even though it has been reported twice and nothing has been done up to date, Engineering Institute of Zambia, human right commission, non-governmental organisations and any other persons and organisations who can make things right.
Let all loving Zambians, government departments, organisations and agencies follow fully the republic of Zambia statutory instrument on minimum wages and conditions of employment act (laws) before condemning these foreign firms on wages and conditions of employment.
His Excellency, the PF and the government are trying to make life for a common man intact while others are trying to frustrate your works/efforts so that you lose popularity to a common man.
For more information, investigate throughout ESCO employees despite others may hide these information due to the relationship they have with the managing director, but if investigation can be done in all pontoon stations throughout Zambia, Lusaka workshop along sheke-sheki road where there is RDA and Head Office along Elm road in Lusaka , something tangible will surely come out.
Yours in service,
ESCO enslaved workers.

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