Abusive Chawama woman clobbers husband.

A Man of Chawama Township in Lusaka was yesterday clobbered by his wife for allegedly having given his mother K500 000.

The woman who has since been arrested and detained at Chawama Police Post resorted to assaulting her husband who wanted to help his mother.

And Non Governmental Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) chairperson Beatrice Grillo has condemned and described as a barbaric act the beating of a man by his wife in Chawama compound yesterday.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, Ms. Grillo said the action was unfortunate and has since called on other nongovernmental organizations dealing with gender based violence to condemn the act.

Ms. Grillo said Gender Based Violence does not only apply to women alone but that men are also protected by the Anti Gender Based Act under the laws of Zambia.

She said wives and husbands should learn to dialogue whenever there are differences in a home unlike resorting to physical means and end up inflicting injuries on one another.

Ms. Grillo has since called on relevant authorities to do more in sensitizing both men and women on the dangers of Gender Based Violence.

She said it is good that men have started coming out in the open to report cases of GBV to the police.

Ms. Grillo called on all men in the country to always report wives who violet their rights adding that by so doing, such cases would be minimized.

And Women in Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) Regional Coordinator Alice Chuulu praised the battered man for taking a bold step of reporting his abusive wife to the police.

Ms. Chuulu said the act should be condemned by all law abiding citizens because Gender Based Violence did not only apply to women alone but to men too.

She said couples should always discuss their differences in their homes as opposed to beating one another.

She stated that GBV tortures children who witness it adding that children should be allowed to grow up in a conducive environment.

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