ABZ asks Zambians to unite against PF sponsored violence

Statement: PF Sponsored violence should unite Zambians to remove PFin 2016

Patriotic Front (PF) will pay a heavy price for sponsoring violence against opposition political parties in Zambia. This violence should be strongly condemned by all people of goodwill.

We know that the same way PF senior officials sponsored violence within their own party they are now sponsoring similar violence against other parties with the recent one being the attack on UPND members in Ndola. The decision by PF senior officials not to condemn the violence of their cadres that attacked Mr Hakainde Hichilema in Ndola confirms the reality that such violence has the blessing of PF leadership. As such, we are sure that the police will not arrest any of the cadres that were involved in the violence at Sun FM in Ndola targeted at UPND. The same was the case at Radio Mano in Kasama in January where police arrested our leader Fr Frank Bwalya leaving violent PF cadres that attacked him.

But we wish to warn PF that the day of reckoning will come and they will be called to account. Zambians abhor violence. As such, they are watching carefully and marking those that are in the forefront perpetrating violence against innocent citizens.

Finally, we wish to urge Zambians to view the violence of PF as a call to unite and remove them in 2016. But we should brace for tough times and more violence. Nevertheless, we should not falter but move forward and remove the PF regime before they set our country on fire.

Dexter Zemba Moono – Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) National Chairperson

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