ABZ questions Kabimba tribunal credibility, chair is former classmate of accused

ABZ  questions Kabimba tribunal credibility, chair is former classmate of accused

The credibility of the tribunal that has been set up to investigate Justice Minister WynterKabimba for breach of the oath of secrecy and abuse of office has been questioned by the Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ). The Zambian Watchdog hereby reproduces ABZ leader Father Frank Bwalya’s concerns, while calls for Kabimba to step down or being asked to step down by President Sata have been defied.

  1. What effect, if any, will the fact that the chairperson of the Tribunal, Acting Judge of the Supreme Court Evans Hamaundu, was in secondary school with Mr. Kabimba have on the outcome of the Tribunal?
  2. Will the failure by President Michael ChilufyaSata to send Mr. Kabimba on forced leave while the Tribunal sits create problems of conflict of interest, intimidation of witnesses working in government and many other related problems including breach of common sense?
  3. Since Judge Hamaundu is acting Supreme Court Judge pending confirmation by the President, is he going to conduct himself in a manner to please the Executive in order to secure a confirmation for himself?
  4. The Tribunal has reserved the right to subpoena witnesses or indeed refuse to subpoena witnesses. Will the Tribunal subpoena one of the key witnesses, the Acting Chief Justice who ironically also appointed and swore in the members of the Tribunal?
  5. If the Tribunal refuses to subpoena Acting Chief Justice and Solicitor general Musa Mwenya, what relevance will the Tribunal retain?
  6. In general, is it in order for a Tribunal of this nature to stop the Petitioners from moving the Tribunal to subpoena a witness of their choice? Is this fair on the part of the Petitioners?
  7. Was the choice of Justice Gertrude Chawatama who is a relative of President Sata coincidental and what effect, if any, will this reality have on the outcome of the Tribunal?
  8. Did the Executive allow the creation of the Tribunal in good faith or it is another scheme to hoodwink unsuspecting citizens that the PF is committed to upholding good governance?


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