ACC director says PF officials are not corrupt

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) claims there are no cases of corruption involving PF government officials.

ACC Director General Rosewin Wandi who was given the job of director by president Sata recently also claimed her ACC would not hesitate to prosecute anyone found wanting.

Speaking like a cadre or PF spokesperson and not professional, Wandi said there is political will from the current government in the fight against corruption which she said has strengthened the commission’s stance on the scourge.

Ms. Wandi further welcomed and reaffirmed the commission’s support to the reintroduction of the Abuse of Office clause which the previous governments removed from the constitution.

She said the reintroduction of the clause will further strengthen the fight against corruption.

She added that the commission has also introduced the Integrity Committees Initiative for Zambia in Ministries and Government departments to spearhead and facilitate the process of preventing corruption in their respective departments.

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