ACC, DPP should redeem themselves from Chilufya scandal

ACC, DPP should redeem themselves from Chilufya scandal


It’s not too late. The Anti-Corruption Commission and Director of Public prosecution can still redeem themselves from this huge embarrassment they have allowed minister Chitalu Chilufya to get them in.

The DPP should immediately enter a nolle prosequi, then re-arrest Chilufya and assign a new prosecutor. It is clear that the small thief Chipampe Manda is working with minister Chilufya to defeat the course of justice. He needs to be investigated and arrested as well. There are reports that Manda changed the ACC statement in court obviously in exchange for money from Chilufya. If the ACC allows this fake court case to continue, then it simply means that the whole ACC and DPP are part of the plot to launder Chilufya, in exchange for money. The ACC already suffers from lack of public confidence. This Chitalu Chilufya scandal will seal their destiny as a useless and moribund but corrupt entity which is only used to mop politicians’ dirty. We know that the aim of laundering Chitalu Chilufya right now is to make sure that he does not face a proper prosecution when a government that detests corruption is formed. The argument will be that he was already tried and acquitted over these charges. But that is self-deception. There is always a way to go around legal obstacles like double jeopardy. And in the case of Chilufya, it is very easy as the man has so many pending cases.

But this debacle brings into sharp focus another but obvious hypocrisy at play here. Chitalu Chilufya is a criminal suspect. He is supposed to be in remand prison to avoid his tampering with witnesses. But not under the PF government. He is driven in a VVIP vehicle with national flag on it and goes to court after cabinet meeting. His car is parked under VIP space and guarded by police. His lawyer is a government whip, same level as minister. The prosecutor is a junior government official. Can you expect a proper prosecution from such a scenario even if there no monetary corruption?

We hope magistrate Mwale can see through this scheme and refuse to be abused by these criminals to launder their dirty. We are glad he has already started asking relevant questions like, ‘why did you bring him to court if you are saying he is innocent’.

Next we shall hear that Chilufya is suing government for malicious prosecution because indeed this is a malicious situation.

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