ACC gives update of what it says is investigating

ACC gives update of what it says is investigating

Anti corruption commission gives Status update on what is described as ‘some High Public Interest Cases’

1) The Commission is investigating a Senior public official at a quasi-government institution in a matter involving the alleged purchase of 12 motor vehicles worth K33.6 million used during the last general election campaigns.

2) The Commission is also investigating a matter involving an alleged secret and illegal account at the Ministry of Finance purportedly used to siphon millions of Kwacha.

3) Former senior government officials at the Ministry of Health are being investigated for allegedly awarding contracts for the purchase of Covid-19 protective equipment to businessmen without following procedure. This is a new case and is different from the Honey Bee case.

4) Investigations against two former senior police officials into illegal trading of mukula trees that were transported to unknown destinations are also being conducted.

5) Investigations against officials at the Ministry of Local Government into alleged illegal awarding of contracts for roadworks worth over K10 million to two private companies which did not execute the works in Central Province.

6) Alleged illegal purchase of six houses in one of Lusaka’s low-density areas and owning property which include a fleet of motor vehicles suspected to be proceeds of crime by a Senior public official are under investigations.

7) A former government official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being investigated for allegedly acquiring seven (7) houses and other property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime in one of Lusaka’s low-density areas.

8) An investigation against one of the senior managers at Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) is underway for alleged abuse of company financial resources which were used to pay for school fees both locally and abroad worth over K1 million.

9) A former ward councilor of Lusaka is being investigated for the suspicious purchase of a named bank together with all of the bank’s assets worth K300 million.

10) Officials at DMMU for allegedly buying an unknown number of Toyota Land cruisers using Covid-19 funds and other resources meant for disaster relief for political activities in the last general elections.

Members of the Press, ladies and gentlemen,

We wish to inform you that all the above complaints were reported to the Commission by members of the public after there was a change of government. This is usually the trend that occurs after a general election and more so, when there is a change of government.

The Commission further wishes to inform the public that we are purely carrying out our work and using the legal mandate as provided in the law to thoroughly investigate all reported complaints and ensure that each case is pursued to its logical conclusion.

Members of the Press, ladies and gentlemen,

The Commission is pleased with the support it continues to receive from the general public as well as from key stakeholders.

The Commission has also introduced a WhatsApp line which the public can utilise to report suspicious acts of corruption. The line is 0973 039550.

I hereby urge you all as ambassadors of this fight, to embrace the national anti-corruption slogan, “A Corruption free Zambia Begins with Me.”

I thank you.

Queen K. Chibwe

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