ACC happy with thieving Kitwe DC Mpundu

ACC happy with thieving Kitwe DC Mpundu

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu is the government official who stole K120,000 meant for the restocking of Buchi-Kamitondo Library.

To honor him, the Anti-Corruption Commission visited led by the ACC boss herself decided to go and take photos with him.

After the endorsement by the ACC, the thief Binwell Mpundu wrote:


This morning i was privillaged to be Visited for a courtesy call by the Anti corruption commission team which team included four commissioners led by the commission chairperson and the Acting Director General herself.
Our discussion was centered on strengthening the systems that helps curb corruption in institutions.We further discussed the need to make information available both to the general public and public servants on what constitutes corruption and what each one’s role is in helping curb corruption.
Curruption is a cancer that must be fought with everything we have and ending corruption start with you and me.

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