ACC incompetence shocks former Solicitor General

ACC incompetence shocks former Solicitor General

By Musac Mwenye

Not since the infamous activities of Adamson Mushala, the Lusaka Strangler or Nevers Spoiler Kapenda have we had a criminal investigation as bizarre and intriguing as the magical disappearance of the proprietor of 48 flats. More intriguing is how quickly the investigation has been closed.

It is intriguing because 48 properties, if all occupied by an average family of 3, translates to a community of at least 144 people who all had, until recently, a landlord. The properties must have been constructed or purchased at some point in the recent past and there must therefore be a contractor who built them or a seller who sold them. And I am just mentioning a few. It appears all those several people cannot identify this mysterious owner. And the investigation has been closed conclusively, we are told.

If anything, this is evidence of the serious levels of corruption in our society. Ordinarily, in this poor country, we should not have people who can corruptly build 48 properties and later on just abandon them.

No one can argue that the law enforcement agency has the power to do what it has done but I am interested to hear more from the Anti Corruption Commission on how this clever individual has out smarted our law enforcement officers in the most magical of ways. For now, we give them the benefit of doubt.

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