ACC interrogates Mulenga Sata over land transactions

Former Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata has been summoned by the Anti-corruption Commission in connection with some alleged land transaction.

Mr Sata, the son of the late former President Micheal Sata was subjected to an hour of Interrogation before being released.

However, after walking out of the ACC offices Mr sata did not want to be filmed or interviewed over his case and was only quick to say the issue was about a land transaction.

ACC Spokesperson Timothy Moono has confirmed the interrogation but that he will give details in due course.

Muvi TV


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    God killa 4 months

    ACC should be probing the 1mil trucks and 200grand ambulance’s not innocent people who are working hard to buy estate and secure thee future….

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    Mutub 4 months

    Victimization begins and finger pointing just watch thats politics

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    Castigator ! 4 months

    People like to attack Lungu for ‘abandoning Sata’s vision’ without realizing that much of the mess we are in today was caused by Micheal Sata’s (RIP) erratic way of governing. Zambians are not dull to forget how this very Mulenga Sata became rich after his father ascended to power, how Sata would awake and dream of declaring a district without budget support, declaring projects such as Paul Mushindo University and many others all concentrated in Northern and Luapula Provinces at the expense of other provinces. Sata’s tribalistic appointing of his cabinet ZESCO and foreign missions, embarrassing behaviour at world events, the list is too long to complete but if you want to handle Sata and his ‘family forest’ with kid gloves then you are very wrong

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    Judison Muzyamba 4 months

    30 hectares of land for sale in chisamba district 100km away Lusaka very good for cattle and maize contact number 0979440154 or watsap 0963088322