ACC must investigate minister Yaluma

ACC must investigate minister Yaluma

Dear Editor,
Please hide my identity. Am an employee at ZDA and we have seen a lot of things happen at ZDA and government Institutions like Anti Corruption Commission do nothing about it. There is information in the public domain about corruption and nepotism and yet nothing happens. ZDA is a public institution and yet its being run like a private company owned by Christopher Yaluma. He recently fired the Board Chairman and his vice from the Board of ZDA and the reason given were that they refused to employ his unqualified nephew and former campaign manager in Malole by the name of Mukula Makasa. The details are that the position was advertised and qualified candidates applied and a number of good and qualified candidates were shortlisted. Some of the notable candidates included people like Dr Lubinda Habazoka, Dr Pamela Nakamba, Dr David Chewe, Dr Francis Bwanga to mention but a few. Mukula Makasa was not shortlisted mainly due to the fact that he did not qualify and his performance as Director Enterprise Development was extremely poor. However, Yaluma fired the Board Chair Fisho Mwale and then appointed Bishop Masupha, who knows nothing about Economic Management or even business – just a cadre. How on earth can you appoint such a man to be a Board Chairman of such a strategic institution like ZDA. This country desperately needs serious investments and then you appoint a Bishop to Chair a Board of an Investment promotion agency – this tells you what calibre Yaluma himself is. He simply doesn’t care about this country.
Then he instructs Bishop Masupha to cancel the recruitment process and appoint the same unqualified and incompetent Mukula Makasa to act as Director General – clear case of nepotism. As if this is not enough, Mukula was appointed to act in September 2020 and in December he gets appointed to the position of Director General. The question that begs to be answered is what did Makasa do in 3 months to be confirm

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    nkhruma 2 weeks ago

    Ba Editor, investigate Madison Finance transaction news on Lusaka Times. Kantumoyo worked for Madison insurance and now from man of Bushiri, the robber of churchgoers of Malawi. Millions are 3xchanging hands to launder rubbed money and un the orocessPF is funded. DIG DEEPER.Start with SEC. They have a story to tell, spill the beans.