ACC Prosecutor deliberately misleads court

A Prosecutor from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Macqueen Zaza today Tuesday March 25/03/14 deliberately misled a Lusaka Magistrate to quash Police Bond for an accused who was within court. This is in a matter in which the ACC has taken Voster Sialumbo a Police Officer of Chawama Police Station but based at Castle Police Post for alleged corrupt practices.

Voster Sialumbo had developed some stomach upset while in the Court room before Magistrate Wendy Chibesakunda entered the court room. Sialumbo then decided to visit the toilet. While in the toilet, Zaza together with another ACC prosecutor a woman by the name of Sally Kabanda followed Sialumbo to the toilet and asked him what he was doing in the toilet.

Sialumbo told the two ACC prosecutors that he had some stomach upset and he was waiting for his lawyer Keith Mweemba to come to court to apply for an adjournment. Zaza then took advantage of Sialumbo being in the toilet and rushed to the court room by this time Magistrate Wendy Chibesakunda had entered the court room. Zaza hurriedly called the case for Sialumbo knowing for sure that the accused was in the toilet. When Sialumbo did not show up, Zaza quickly applied for the revocation of Sialumbo’s Police Bond. Few minutes later Sialumbo entered the courtroom by this time Zaza had already applied for revocation of bond. Then some few minutes later Keith Mweemba lawyer for Sialumbo entered the court room.

Magistrate Chibesakunda then told Mweemba that there was an application from the prosecution to have sialumbo’s bond quashed. Mweemba then put up a spirited objection because he saw no need for that action.

In her ruling, Magistrate Chibesakunda who was calm and sounded very mature ruled that she was going to quash Sialumbo’s police bond but was going instead to grant him Bail. Magistrate Chibesakunda  has since granted Sialumbo a K 2000 bail in his own recgonisance with two working surities in the like sum. By Press time (15 hours) Zambian time, Sialumbo was at Kamwala Remand Prison awaiting relatives to sign his bail papers.

When asked for a comment outside the courtroom, Sailumbo’s Lawyer Keith Mweemba had this to say.” I can only thank Magistrate Chibesakunda for granting my client bail. As for the State Prosecutors, I shall lodge in an official complaint for professional misconduct”




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