ACC says probe into Honeybee scandal on

ACC says probe into Honeybee scandal on

ACC investigating Honeybee med kits scandal
– several people already interviewed

The Anti Corruption Commission says it is investigating Honeybee over the scandalous supply to the Ministry of Health.
ACC public Relations officer Timothy Moono says the investigations will be concluded soon.

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    zambian 1 week ago

    Let everything take its course. I’m told that the drugs and condoms are all OK.
    It is just politics in play which now we have seen from counter lab results and also from lack of following procedure.

    Leave the poor man alone so he cna get his drugs.

    Play politics with rich man’s products like petrol and all that.

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    Concerned 1 week ago

    Leave Honeybee alone, the faulty error was neither by them not the politicians. The technocrats must responsibility, the standard purchase and acceptance criteria are set by them. If technocrats can fail to rejeet and quarantine sub quality materials and works then we are doomed. Pharmacists must refuse to despense suspicious drugs unless they not competent just like biometrical scientists can’t use test kits which are not verified by there own local laboratories engineers can’t be so blind to gross over shoddy works in progress, unless we need to believe our technocrats are robots or just incompetent. Zabs, Zamra may have concentrated on being businesses the on their core values, they need to re examine their relevance.

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    Which Acc.spare me

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    Self Infliction 1 week ago

    Now his been stripped of some powers now you want to act useless institutions the citizens have already lost hope in you.

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    Takwaba 2 weeks ago

    Have the key players at MoH – PSs, Directors, procurement officials been suspended to facilitate the said investigations? It seems to me they’ll try to cook the books and bully or intimidate potential witnesses.

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    Concerned 2 weeks ago

    Sad. We seem to have the same curse of being led by despots in the two ‘Rhodesias’

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    Briber 2 weeks ago

    With investigators like Manda??? Forget it the case is dead.

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    Break News 2 weeks ago

    15 Prison officers tested positive to COVID-19 at Harare’s Chikurubi Maximum security Prison and Chikurubi training depot while a senior officer reportedly died this morning from the pandemic in what raises safety questions of incarcerated MDC Alliance leaders Job Sikhala, Jacob Mafume and Fadzai Mahere as well as journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.
    According to a prison source, Superintendent Nefasi in charge of Zimbabwe Prison Services (ZPS) police Harare province passed away this morning from COVID-19 and another Correctional Officer in charge of ZPS police is reportedly in self isolation at the prison barracks.
    Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume has been languishing in remand prison at Chikurubi maximum prison after the magistrates denied him bail, while Chin’ono, Sikhala and Mahere who were arrested on charges of publishing falsehoods are detained while their matter is being heard at the Harare Magistrates Court.
    Mafume is reportedly ill with earlier reports indicating that he had COVID-19 symptoms.
    Chin’ono is being kept in isolation but complained this morning that he was transported in a prison truck with over 60 inmates.