ACC seizes 56 flats belonging to corrupt civil servant

ACC seizes 56 flats belonging to corrupt civil servant

The Anti Corruption Commission has siezed 56 units of Flats belonging to an accountant at Ministry of Finance.

The accountant has been identified as Charles Luyona.

The Financial Intelligence Centre Trends Report of 2018 established that Charles Luyona had 49 units if flats and six in his wife’s name.

Luyona is alleged to have been at the centre of facilitating financial payments to contractors who have not finished implementing governments projects.

Among companies that have been named include payments to Swift construction company on several projects without undertaking works.

Swift is jointly owned by Mr. Goodward Mulubwa and Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Mr. Ronald Chitotela.

The ACC on Tuesday July 16.2019 served tenants occupying these flats with notices that they should start paying rentals to a government account.

The flats are 56 units.

24 flats are in Chalala and 32 are in Salama park.

One of the tenants at the flats which off Shantumbu road, (just after the Zesco substation after Munyaule Market before Faith Trust School), said ACC officials served them a notice that the flats were seized and rentals had to be paid to a “nostro government account” until the matter was disposed off in court.

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