‘ACC should probe Scott for upgrading house going into his yard’

The revelations by Apostle Dan Pule that Vice President Guy Scott is upgrading a road leading to his personal house off leopards’ Hill road should attract the attention of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) who should institute corruption investigations especially that the road was not budgeted for, says UPND vice president Richard Kapita.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Kapita said that it was strange that the PF government has embraced corruption in totality as part of its governance system.

He said that it was shocking that people among them Vice President Dr. Scott who at some point championed the fight against corruption while in the opposition was now showing signs of weakness.

“I am shocked that Dr. Pule has made these serious allegations against Dr. Scott and it is only fair that this matter is put to rest by the Anti-Corruption Commission. Let them investigate Dr. Scott’s road. We need to find out how that road was upgraded and who paid for that. We want to find out when the tender was floated to have the road constructed,” said Kapita.

Kapita said that it was unfortunate that the PF leaders have become obsessed with corruption. He said that corruption in the PF government had become rampant and unbearable and it was therefore important that Zambians keep checking what the government and its leaders are doing every time.

Kapita said that the PF had lost credibility in the fight against corruption to the extent that graft was being conducted in the corridors of power.

“You cannot blink under the PF and in the time you do that; you lose out on so many things. I wonder how these people in government think. Not too long ago President Sata condemned RB for constructing a road passing through his farm to Mfuwe.

What kind of a government or a people do we have in this government? Dr. Scott and the PF must realise that this country does not belong to the PF alone but to all Zambians and these schemes of awarding contracts without following procedures will haunt these chaps in the PF when they leave government in 2016,” said Kapita.

Kapita warned that once the UPND forms government they would investigate where Dr Scott  got the money he used to construct the road leading to his farm from, because it was impossible  for President Sata to sanction the Anti-Corruption Commission to probe him (Dr. Scott).

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