ACC to investigate two BOZ employees and a Magistrate

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in Mongu Western Province is investigating  two Bank of Zambia employees and a Mongu based Magistrate Julius Malata for alleged corrupt activities.

A source within the government investigative wings has disclosed that preliminary investigations indicate that Bank of Zambia (BOZ) Head of Security Musonda Simwayi and a BOZ Security Officer Mayeke Njunju bought Magistrate Malata a vehicle in order for the Magistrate to convict a Mr. Simon Mtonga.

Mtonga is a driver employed by  BOZ . He was arrested on allegations of stealing 50 litres of Diesel.

“What happened is that the two security officers through BOZ have taken Mtonga to court for theft of 50 litres. When BOZ was doing the sensitisation of the Kwacha rebased country wide, Mtonga in Mongu got an extra 50 litres of fuel at Total Filling station,” explained a source.

‘Now the case looked like the allegations against Mtonga were not being proved and management at BOZ threatened to discipline Simwayi and Njunju because the Central Bank is spending a lot of money in terms of transport to Mongu and accommodation. So what the two have done is to buy the Magistrate a motor vehicle so that the Magistrate can convict Mtonga then the two will save their jobs,” the source said.

The source said the investigative wings of government sensed that Magistrate Malata was bribed when he refused a request by the accused to Subpoena BOZ Deputy Governor for Administration Dr. Mabula Kankasa.

“How we knew about the corruption scheme is when last time the accused appeared in court, he through his lawyer applied to have Dr.Mabula Kankasa Subpoenad. The Magistrate reacted strangely and gave no convincing reason to deny the Subpoena. Then the following day, we saw the Magistrate with a brand new saloon car. After preliminary investigations, we discovered that the vehicle was bought by Simwayi and Njunju,” the source said.




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