Accept Lungu as your president, Pukuta Mwanza tells UPND

Accept Lungu as your president, Pukuta Mwanza tells UPND


Pukuta Mwanza says Zambians should not mention his president Edgar Lungu when they condemn the closure of the Post newspaper.

img_1556And Mwanza, who is the president of the once respected Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the UPND should accept Lungu as president.

According to the PF run Times of Zambia, Pukuta Mwanza said it was unfortunate that the name of the President was being dragged in matters that were straight forward and clear.

Mwanza, who is referred to as a reverend said the Bible and the law where clear on matters of taxation and any individual or company that abrogated them was meant to face the law.
“There are rules governing taxation in this country and those that make revenue are supposed to pay, give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwanza has urged the United Party for National Development (UPND) to come to terms with the fact that  Edgar Lungu was duly elected and the only President of this country.

Mwanza said if any mutual understandings and dialogue was going to take place between the UPND and the Patriotic Front (PF), it was important that the UPND recognised the fact.

He said the UPND should realise that the PF would not hold talks with them on grounds that were not clear and on grounds that did not recognise the leadership of the day.

Mwanza said it was important that the UPND recognised the ruling party as the PF would not agree to hold talks just like that.

The UPND has never requested to dialogue with PF. Instead, the UPND does not recognise Lungu as president because they believe he rigged the elections and then bribed the constitutional court judges to prevent them from hearing the presidential petition.
The constitutional court refused to hear the evidence and upto now has not said who won the elections despite being asked to do so.

So the UPND is in order to reject Lungu as president until the Constitutional Court says he won.

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