Access Bank abusing workers


I am writing this on behalf of my fellow employees here at Access Bank Zambia who are not able to SPEAK. This bank is owned by West Africans, Nigerians in particular who have a terrible work culture regard for people.
Everybody is complaining about how terrible the work culture is but we are still not able to complain
Our Human Resource Manager, Mumba Banda Nhlane doesn’t support her people and she is not a principled HR person. Her HR is not objective in any way and she always sides with senior management no matter how wrong they are. The ladies are not allowed to take mothers day, worse off those with children are not given time to take there children for under 5. Antenatal visits are not encouraged to be taken within the course of the week especially by the HR herself and the COO, Ijeoma Kelechi Obowu.
The same COO is so pompous and thinks she can intimidate everyone. She has no regard for people or even the laws of Zambia. She forces her religious beliefs on people and wants everyone to act like a Christian meanwhile her actions are not near to what she wants people to do. She is evil ????. He hates people who drink beer and can’t promote you or praise you for anything if she knows that you drink beer. She has turned the work place into a college where she even gives employees books to read and homework.
Furthermore, the bank doesn’t give people an opportunity to grow and people rarely get promoted, salaries have not been increased for the last 5 years. The appraisal system is not objective.
The working hours are horrible. We are expected to report for work as early as 07:00 and knock off at 20:00 hrs. We are also forced to attend meetings after hours and no transport is provided even in this current situation of gassing. Mostly the people working for this bank are fresh graduates and they don’t own cars, after meetings they are forced to walk from Cairo road, North end to Kulima tower to catch buses which is mostly after 20:00 hrs.
We have no work life balance. Even on free weekends they call for random meetings with short notice and when you miss you get sanctioned.
What’s mostly disappointing is how petty the disciplinary committee . In some instances, tellers are taken for disciplinary hearing for cash differences of as low as K3. 00. Because the turnover is high, they keep hiring fresh graduates who make mistakes and while they are undergoing training, they are subjected to disciplinary hearing when they make mistakes on the training.
There is so much pettiness among top management, the bank system is obsolute, they use an out dated system which is as slow as a snail ???? and yet the head of Customer Experience, Shelly Akyeh has the guts to put people in trouble for not processing customer transactions on time. She is so petty and lucks people skills.
This bank is purely west African, run by West Africans in most departments. Few departments are headed by Zambians who are stepped down ???? and shouted at by the Nigerians in front of their subordinates . Our zambian bosses are abused, it’s terrible. Kwati tunyelele
As we speak, when the people in senior management especially Ijeoma Kelechi Obowu see this message they will call for a meeting and shout at us and also remind us that we are just poor zambians who should be grateful to them for offering us employment.
Mwebantu twachula elo twanaka somebody needs to put these west Africans in check they have abused us enough and now it’s too much. We are young people with young families and we don’t have time to raise our kids or look after our families. We need help and we need it like yesterday.
Concerned employee writing on behalf of affected people.

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