Access bank Zambia is useless

Dear Editor Please help expose ACCESS BANK in Zambia Access bank in Zambia is a dying bank that doesn’t mean well.

Why do we say so? The bank has been in the country for more years compared to other new banks that have demonstrated growth and improved services to their customers and better conditions to employees like FNB. For access bank, the only growth they have recorded is their new underperforming branch at Makeni Mall.

I work under the Bank`s IT department with a colleague from Internal Control (IC) and we have access to a lot of proof of failures of this bank but plz keep our names secret for fear of victimization. The pictures attached herewith have been modified to protect the identities of our customers but they do reflect the true balances and how individuals have either completely abandoned their accounts or have left them dormant due to poor services. These pictures were taken randomly at the moment salaries have just been paid to individuals. Individuals no longer get their salaries from here except for those whose employers have imposed like Dangote in Ndola and Trade Kings here in Lusaka. We work longest hours without any compensation for those hours and consideration we are women or even married. Of late the bank has experienced a very high employee turnover, they lose an employee almost every month, valuable employees of the likes of Chris Mwelo and a lot more have had to ditch the bank for others because they were never appreciated for their hard work and this goes for every employee. The bank brings people from Nigeria with either lower or equal qualifications and experience to work here with heft salaries and allowances. They have fully furnished houses paid for from as much as K25,000/month upwards before their salaries and Zambians with the same qualifications and experience gross between K4,000 and 6,000. Every employee is now forced to get a car loan against their will to be paid back over a long period of time, load deductions from such a small salary has also led a number of employees to steal from the bank in order to meet ends. Its policy that we have an account with Access Bank and get paid through here, but we are charged penalties for using any other Bank`s ATMs because we give away money to other banks, but then our machines are mostly down due to lack of complete support to the IT dept from management to maintain them. Everyone now is using this bank as a training ground to make us ready for other banks with humane conditions. The moment employees gather enough experience and are marketable, they pack. We need someone to honestly look at the prite of employees and customers at Access Bank please. Help us. Concerned employees

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