Accommodation crisis at UNZA Ridgeway Campus 

Dear Editor,
I write to urge you to look into the chaos currently going on at the campus. since the inception on the school, the accommodation arrangement has been such that students that are in their clinical years and work in
the hospital get single rooms.

this is because the work around hectic schedules that have them going for post call rounds as early as 5am. this also prevents cross infection as the students are exposed to all sorts of
diseases during their rounds. overcrowding the hostels will only lead to
further diseases outbreaks because in the past we have had some students developing TB due to exposure to a patient.

Naturally, because of the shortages of accommodation, many of the student have a squatie (unaccommodated student that they stay with)this means these rooms will end up having 4 students. which is highly unhygienic.
However, for some reason, unza has decided to have 2 students occupy these
rooms. The rooms in question are small and fit one bed, a study table,
fridge and cooking table with a stove. but if they put in 2 students, where
will the extra bed, study table and stove go? the room has one inbuilt
wardrobe which means the second person will have nowhere to put their
belongings. this setup is very different from the new residences which have2 beds and wardrobes and were designed for sharing

To make matters worse, these hostels are in a run down state and can barely support 1 student per room. the sockets are faulty and power trips if more than 4 students are cooking at the same time.

Sanitation is highly inadequate, each floor has about 20 – 25 rooms with only 2 if not one functional toilet. and frequently there are water shortages. in the mornings people have to queue just to take a shower and the doubling of students will only make this worse. next thing we’ll have a dysentry outbreak at the so called “highest institution of learning”. you can only imagine how poor ventilation will be.

The issue of poor accommodation is not something new. instead of half baked ideas, the union must work at pushing government to build more hostels. further more, the construction of the Chainama college of health
sciences so as to move some of the students and handle this accommodation
crisis. Unza should not over enroll students if more hostels are not being built.

Please help us by being our voice as the school is not listening to
UNZA-RWC Student

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