Acting Post Master General Ngoma is the worst thief

Acting Post Master General Ngoma  is the worst thief

Mr Brighton Ngoma

Post Master General

ZamPost Headquarters

Our displeasure over your UNLAWFUL gratuity payments and huge salary advances

As employees of ZamPost at Hq, Lusaka and Copperbelt Post Offices we wish to inform you of our displeasure over the way you are paying yourself huge amounts of money in the form of illegitimate gratuity payments and salary advances. In the month of October alone, you drew K90, 000. 00. In addition, while the salaries of us employees are behind by 9 months, your huge salary and allowances are update.

The lawful procedure for the Postmaster General to be paid gratuity and salary advances which we have seen for many years is as follows:

1. If the PMG needs a salary advance, he applies to his boss – the Board Chairperson – to consider the request. The Chairperson can approve or not.

2. If there is a salary advance already running on the PMG’s payslip, the request cannot be approved unless it is on compassionate grounds such as a funeral.

3. When approval is given, the HR department is informed in writing and the HR Manager raises a payment advice for the Finance Manager to work on.

4. In the same way, when the contract of the PMG comes to an end, written communication is sent to the Board to give a go – ahead for payment of gratuity. This is also the procedure for advances against gratuity if the contract is still running.

5. Lastly, all these payments are audited. They are not hidden.

Mr Ngoma what you are doing is, therefore, sad and bad because:

1. Unlike the first few months of your coming, you are now drunk with an appetite for money. Whenever you want excess money, you just order your servants Mr Fred Chiwaya or OJ Phiri to pay you with approval from Ms Dorothy Mulenga.

2. Your unlawful gratuity payments and salary advances for things such as payments for school fees your children in the United Kingdom do not pass through HR or Internal Audit. You always do it secretly but you forget that it is us the employees who look at all ZamPost Bank statements and accounts and we know what is happening with payments in all departments. Your approved salary advance per child, per term is K15, 000.00, so why is ZamPost – a poor company – paying K39,000 or more per child per term for your children abroad?

3. We are suffering as employees but you are living in luxury. Your children were in Zambian schools before you came to ZamPost, now they are in the UK!

4. Your friends – Ms Dorothy, Mr Phiri and yourself were fraudulently getting travel and hotel allowances (S & T) when all of you were at your homes in Lusaka. You have not refunded those monies to the Corporation despite the Board ordering you to do so. We think that what you did is getting money by false pretenses which is a crime.

5. Many former employees and retirees who can be paid – off small amounts of about K10, 000.00 to avoid costs of court cases and continued payroll costs BUT they are not being paid while the few of you – senior people – are looting this poor Corporation. All what former staff members meet from Ms Dorothy is rudeness thereby forcing them to go courts.

6. During the past 14 months we have been with you, you have paid yourself over K300, 000.00 in gratuity and, as if your sins are not enough, we know you want more of these improper gratuity payments maybe on a monthly basis. But is gratuity a salary? We are shocked by your conduct. Your salary advances which have also not been authorised by the Board are now higher than K200, 000.00. Sir, we have been in ZamPost for over 20 years. Some of us will be retiring soon,we have no where to go. We say to you that “we have not seen this type of madness and appetite in the Postmaster General’s Office”.

We now say to you; we have watched but we are not fools. Your financial conduct is very bad. This matter will not rest until we see justice.You are not bigger than the company. You will hear more from us.We will also present these issues to higher offices.


Cc: Anti – Corruption Commission
Cc: Auditor General’s Office
Cc: Board Members
Cc: General Secretary – National Union of Communication Workers

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