Scott cancels accreditation for PF general conference

Acting president Guy Scott has canceled the accreditation of delegates for the PF general conference due to threats of violence by Edgar Lungu s team.
Scott was forced to cancel the process after Lungu’ supporters attempted to beat minister Emmanuel Chenda.
Chenda was only rescued by police as senior officials in Lungu’s camp ordered thugs to atack Chenda.
Meanwhile, Lungu’s team has now ordered their panga wielding thugs to go to Kabwe and take over the venue
Dr Scott in a statement issued this afternoon says all credentials that have been already issued from any of the registration centres have been declared null and void,and will not be used for entrance into Mulungushi Rock of Authority area in Kabwe.
Scott also said the measure has been necessitated following the illegal takeover of the registration centre at Mulungushi International Conference Centre by unknown persons, and the destruction of the official registers validated and issued by the PF Secretariat at registration centres in Lusaka,Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi.
He states that the registration process will resume at 08:00 hours at Mulungushi Rock of Authority tomorrow, 29th November 2014.
The acting President says legitimate delegates should proceed to Kabwe.

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