Active bomb found buried in a residential area in Kabwe

An active high range bomb which was suspiciously concealed underground has been found in Kabwe’s Mukuyu residential area, a few kilometres from key military barracks, Kohima and Chindwin.

After Zambia army and Kabwe municipal council were informed, army officials who identified the missile-like object as a mid range bomb said it could have been discharged during the 1988 armoury accident in Kabwe.

But reliable sources from the army have refuted the statement and said that the object could have been stolen and concealed underground. The watchdog source said that the bomb was still active and could not have remained so after being discharged.

“That bomb is still active and could not have flown that distance and find itself two metres underground and still remain intact. Some people could have stolen the bomb and bury it there but unfortunately the council gazetted the area into a residential place”.

The bomb was discovered by workers hired to dig a soak away at a new residential plot on Tuesday. It was later taken by the army bomb experts.

In 2014 three soldiers died after some grenades which they stole from the armoury blew up burning them severely.

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