Adoption of parley candidates still haunting UPND

The UPND in Southern province Thursday called for an urgent meeting to resolve the crisis that has emanated from the unpopular parliamentary candidates adopted for this year’s election.
Party officials who attended the meeting at at Moon Light guest house, demanded that the adopted candidates for Monze Central Jack Mwiimbu and Vitalis Moya for Moomba be replaced.
Mwiimbu who was also in attendance walked out when calls for his replacement overwhelmed the leaders.
Mwiimbu told the UPND members that he will go ahead to contest on the UPND ticket because he was adopted before walking away leaving the meeting in progress.
“Let 20th September prove that I am not popular, I will go ahead and contest on the party ticket because I am the one who has been adopted to do so,” he said as other UPND officials told him to find people to vote for him.
The UPND has re-adopted immediate past MPs Jack Mwiimbu for Monze Central while Vitalis Moya has been given to re-contest Moomba constituency.
The members expressed their displeasure on the list of candidates in the district adopted by the National Management Committee to represent them saying the candidates adopted were not people’s choice.
“It’s not right that we retain the same people to run the office of MP, Mr. Mwiimbu has done his two terms let others continue from here this is not a job, he has failed to live to the expectations of the people in the constituency, what else does he want to accomplish which he did not in the last ten years he’s been MP?” asked members.
The meeting which was also attended by senior party officials at provincial level namely provincial chairman Gideon Shakalima, his deputy John Chidyaka and provincial secretary Mayaba Hanseluka resolved to defect and support independent candidates if the list is
not looked into.
And highly placed sources within the UPND has blamed president Hakainde Hichilema for the confusion created for overlooking lower organs of the party in the adoption process.
The party officials who were in attendance but did not want to be named said the confusion was too risk to be downplayed.
“People are not happy because the recommendations from the lower organs have been overlooked and this is not only here in Monze but all over the province. People made their intentions known on the kind of representation they wanted just after the UPND MPs participated in the failed National Constitutional Process, people here are bitter,” the source said.
In Pemba the grassroots want Jim Dons, while the party has adopted Mutinta Mazoka, Choma people wanted a Moonga while the UPND has adopted Cornelius Mweetwa.
In Kalomo Edgar Siakachoma was the preferred candidate but Request Muntanga has been re-adopted to re-contest.
“The situation is the same even on the local government candidates picked in most districts in the province have just been imposed on us,” the source said.

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