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Dear Editor,

It is very shocking that 50 years after gaining independence these so called investors can come to Zambia and profile how jobs can be given to applicants on the basis of race. Surely what is so special about having a P.A to the CEO of a company that they should be white??

What is even more disgusting about this is that this company going by the name Ikulileni is seeking to do business with the average Zambian while it chooses to preferably employ white people for certain positions of work. And yet we still wonder why these characters are always abusing our people at their places of work. I certainly hope the Minister in charge of labour will take this up very seriously with the vigor it deserves. Find attached a copy of today’s Post Newspaper extract were this Racist Ikulileni Company is advertising for a P.A for its CEO who should be preferably white.

Concerned Citizen

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