Advice to PF/UPND leaders

The issues raised by the UPND on the need to have a firm agreement on the Governance programme that the pact will follow in Government is a very sensible idea and needs to be done urgently if the Pact stands any chance of winning the 2011 elections. UPND clearly has more thought leaders than PF as PF is dominated by emotional leaders with very little knowledge of how to actually govern a nation. Apart from Mr. Sata and Guy Scott the rest of the senior PF leaders have no experience of government and many have a low level of education and business skill as many run businesses like buses, trading, and milling which do not require much technical or managerial skills.

On the other hand when you look at UPND you have many former CEO’s and senior executives’ amongst their ranks such as, Emmanuel Hachipuka, HH himself, Richard Kapita, David Matongo, Gary Nkombo and others within their ranks. UPND should not compromise on this otherwise they will be party to the destruction of Zambia and the unravelling of our country’s cherished peace and unity. There is no need for UPND to remain in the Pact with a proper agreement in place as we have in the UK with the Conservatives and Lib Dems spelling out a five year programme covering the life of the Government. The Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement also known as The Coalition: Our Programme for Government was drawn up following the 2010 general election in the United Kingdom, as the terms of reference governing the Cameron Ministry, the newly formed coalition government comprising MPs from the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The general election resulted in a hung parliament, with no party emerging with an overall majority in the House of Commons, for the first time since 1974. As a result, the first and third parties in terms of votes and seats, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats respectively, entered into negotiations with the aim of forming a full coalition, the first since the Second World War. An initial agreement was published on 12 May 2010 (dated 11 May), detailing what had been agreed in the various policy areas, in order for a coalition government to be able to be formed, with a final agreement published 20 May. If anyone wants to see the document it is available on When you look at the so-called pact, nothing has ever been published spelling out clearly their terms of reference. All you have is just confusing statements with no concrete plans.

UPND are in exactly the same position as the Liberal Democrats and if they were honest they know that their only hope for ever getting into government lies in an alliance with the MMD. If I was HH I would negotiate a binding agreement with MMD on sharing positions in Cabinet but even more importantly guaranteeing a new constitution like the ODM has recently successfully negotiated with the Kibaki led PNU and also like what MDC is doing in Zimbabwe right now. Odinga is now well positioned to be the next president of Kenya without getting any guarantees of standing as HH would like now. In politics it is nonsense to try to obtain a guarantee on someone being the next President as ultimately the decision is made by the voters. Who is to say that HH even if he stands on an MMD ticket will win in 2016 but if we had a new constitution HH would stand the best chance as he would be identified as the man who united the country at a crucial time rather than be the one who supported an old man who has nothing to offer Zambia except insults and threats? HH if you are reading this you know deep down in your heart that this Pact is a failure and that Sata and his cohorts are using tribe to drive a wedge in our nation for their own selfish interests. Posterity will judge you harshly because you know that the Great Mazoka would not have stood for this rubbish from Sata and he would never have made the kind of statement you made on the Mongu riots because even Sata the agent provocateur made no statement after the riots because as far as he is concerned he has achieved his purpose. Think my brother think about your children’s and all our children’s future if we hand the instruments of power to Sata?


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