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    Truth man 2 years ago

    The economy is really in shambles. However what buffles me is the source of the money which the government ministers and MPS are using to buy huge quantities of mealie meal and fertilizer which they donate to their constituençies.E.g.Ronald chitotela has donated 1000bags of fertilizer and also hundreds and hundreds of bags of mealie meal on behalf of the President to his constituency . We need to know where the money is coming from.This could be laundered money.Otherwise how else can one explain this scenario?

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    Self destruction of the once vibrant young Zambia is what we see at play.
    Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba and all those that spearheaded the ascendance of the current HOS to the highest Office are part and parcel of the damage.
    They can not come out clean today and say they are not happy with this government and that it is wrechless goverment and claim they can do better.
    They only realised that after they saw that their wealth in the three years or so they were in office was under public scrutiny and so wanted to pretend not to be part of it by forming own political parties.
    You helped put in office someone with no vision to lead this country and now it has left behind a lot of destruction like a fast train that has gone off it’s tracks and will continue to do so as long as their is no obstacle strong enough to stop it.
    This country is headed for the Zimbabwe route, no doubt!