After 6 hours, police release Nawakwi

The police in Kitwe have recorded a warn and caution statement from FDD President Edith Nawakwi.

Ms. Nawakwi was detained for over 6hours at Wusakile Police station after she was blocked as she tried to live Mulenga Compound were she went to meet party officials and later taken to Kitwe District Police Headquarters were she was interrogated by Kitwe District Commanding officer Davis Simwanza and other high ranking Police Officers.

And speaking to Journalists shortly after her release a composed Edith Nawakwi wondered why President Edgar Lungu can unleash a battalion of armed Officers on her, a law abiding citizen who had not committed crime.

” They have recorded a warn and caution statement. They are saying I caused a breach of peace. But I don’t know which peace we disturbed because they found us going out of Mulenga compound. So this is 14:30 hours and they are not taking me to Kitwe Police Headquarters as per there instructions from above,” Ms. Nawakwi said.

She added “I have been in the Copperbelt since Sunday where I have been holding party meetings with my officials and no thing like this happened before but today simply because Edgar Lungu is in town am inconvenienced an indication that he instructed the police to infringe on my rights to assemble freely. He is here campaigning but he doesn’t want other political leaders to-do the same, that is been selfish. Zambians will not allow such mediocrity in our country.”

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