After acquiring loans in China, Lungu to travel to Uganda

PF president Edgar Lungu is expected to arrive in Zambia today but proceed to Uganda anyday very soon.

Lungu was in China. While in China, he borrowed US$130 Million on behalf of Zambia adding more pressure to Zambia’s current debt of more than $8 billion, external and domestic.

According to Lungu and his colleagues, the money will be used to construct communication towers in Zambia.

But here is the real truth: the money will go back to China through Huawei Technologies Company Limited, which will construct the towers. Huawei will erect the physical towers but Zambian telecoms will be expected to maintain them at huge costs, probably through other loans. In a normal country, this job would be done by a local organisation as communication is strategic to any serious country.

Lungu and his ‘porters’ also signed an MoU with Huawei to train 10 Zambian students in information communication technologies (ICTs).

“The intent of the MoU is to train the students for them to be able to train other Zambians,” according to Huawei International Zambia solutions manager Thandizo Banda.

This is how low the level of reasoning among Zambia’s rulers is. There are so many Zambian experts with outstanding academic qualifications in ICTs but government has to borrow money to train others. Why not just advertise these jobs and just give the already qualified graduates orientation? How are they going to train others? Besides, the money Lungu and his crew wasted to travel to Jilin or whatever were more than enough to train 20 Zambians at CBU. A first class ticket to China is about $7, 500 for one person. Multiply that by the number of people that accompanied Lungu and see how may students at CBU could have their future guaranteed if that money was utilised properly. Don’t forget to Include hotel bills, shopping for Lungu’s wife and allowances for all those government officials.

Lungu also met ZTE Corporation chairman Hou Weigui and Jilin Province director-general Cong Hongxia and told him that Zambia heavily depends on agriculture. ZTE is a telecom company so we are sure the director was wondering what the African president was talking about.


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