After being deported from Zambia, Harare Locke up Biti

After being deported from Zambia, Harare Locke up  Biti


ZIMBABWE Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) say they have managed to track down Tendai Biti, one of the leaders of the MDC Alliance party and finally located him at CID Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station.

A team of ZLHR lawyers is currently representing Biti.

ZLHR will keep sharing updates regarding Biti’s

Meanwhile,PF Minister of Information Dora Siliya says Zimbabwean asylum seekers led by opposition leader Tendai Biti were not deported but handed back.

Siliya who is renown for failure to comprehend issues and speaking out of context was trying to justify the deportation of Biti after being denied asylum in Zambia.

“Biti not deported but handed back as he had not entered Zambia. His hand-over documents were processed on 8 August while his court order against his return processed on 9 August 2018,” Siliya twitted.

Simple question to Siliya, who handed back Biti?

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